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Hey, it's me, the Sci-Fi freak, the Nerd, the Idiot.

Whats my problem, I do not know,Edit

Hi there, im a nerd, if you didn't guess from the other intro. Oh yeah, i like doctor who and star wars. Star trek is cool too. My page will probally be so long by the end of my stupid comments that i advise you if you need to do somthing and you just stopped by to see a short user page, look at someone elses. On my page i will be putting pictures, comments and other stuff that i just want to include because i have nowhere else to put it. I will hopefully be doind lots of edits on this wiki, but im new to it so i don't really know what to edit! If i hit the jackpot i might get some "featured articles" but i wont get my hopes high as i probally won't find much to edit! Oh well, prepare to live out my long winded page that will be edited for a long time. A lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. Do i freak you out?

My verdict on myself:

Some people think im bonkers, some think im funny (nobody), some think that reading this page is a waste of time (me) and some people think im cool, (nobody as well).

Pics (pictures if you want to speak properlly)Edit

Slitheen child

Closly resembles me (you would think so if you saw me)

Blink doctorwho

"Don't you think that would look great in our garden,", "Sure," TWO SECONDS LATER "how did we get to Hull?"



Tenth (2)

Doctor- It must have been a big explosion causing the flow of arton enegy to go into a exact point in time making it extreamly hard to find a way to get arton energy back to a point that will help the TARDIS's transmitter to work...

Rose- Well, Arton enegy is green, it flows into the TARDIS, making it radio-active makes it vunrable to anything that touches it such as an animal, human or living plant that just happened to grow in the TARDIS's main reactor causing it to burn making it very very hard to understand you....

Doctor- What?

Time Meddler

Grinning fool of a time Lord,

Ok, thats annoying. If i see another cheesy Time Lord grin i will KILL THE DOCTOR!


Phew, i nearly killed myself there,

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