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  • I live in a bubble universe
  • My occupation is Castellan
  • I am what I am.

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My firstEdit

My favouriteEdit

  • Doctor: Splendid fellow, all of them. (Although if pressed, I'd nominate Hinchcliffe era Tom. Got a great respect for Hartnell, though.)
  • companion: Sarah Jane Smith; my first crush.
  • writer: Robert Holmes for characterisation; Christopher H. Bidmead for promoting science; the Moff for the creepy bits; Gareth Roberts for sheer entertainment value.
  • director: Am I supposed to say Graeme Harper? I'll have to think about this.
  • old series story: Might be able to suggest a favourite for each year, but not an overall favourite.
  • new series story: Ditto
  • Big Finish audio story: Not familiar enough with their output.
  • Comic story: Dunno, but the Majenta Pryce strips made an interesting story arc. Certainly didn't like the Ninth Doctor strips (and neither did my Whovian nephew).

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