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I've had a deep appreciation of "Doctor Who" for many, many years, since the old days. The old television stories were classic, and the new episodes keep alive that same fine tradition. Even the TV spin-offs are enjoyable in their own way (well, more or less.... looking at you, latest season of Torchwood) . I can't say I'm crazy about the books, comics, etc, that try to force certain elements (often very contradictory and controversial) into the canon of the programme. Most of them are one step above fan-fiction in my eyes, if that. However, I do respect that they are important to others. These were all that people had during the so-called "wilderness years" of the 90s, and so for many fans they were a strong part of their early introduction to the "Doctor Who" universe.

Regardless, there's a classic quality to the entire show, and I'm delighted that it's gained such renewed prominence and popularity over the last several years!

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