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January 20, 2007

Welcome, and hello.

I'm an admin (and a bureaucrat, which means I, along with others manage things to do with user rights).

If you have any problems or questions that are vexing leave them on my talk page , if I can't help I'll try and point you in a direction which can.

I've been on this wiki for quite some time (not quite from the start though).

Also of late I've had a 'Tegan feeling' for a while, the same feeling she has to travels with the Doctor at the end of Resurrection of the Daleks. I'm not ready to do the dash out of the box, but I've been less active in the past months than I was in the past couple of years. I'm still here, leave me a message, I still come to the site regularly. I'm just having a UNIT-era or a Eighth Doctor on Earth time.

Things that I doEdit

In addition to a variety of edits I also:

  • Keep an eye on the Recent Changes page.
  • Work through the various sub-categories of the Maintenance category.
  • Click the Random link and just see what pages come up, editing as they load, there's often little minor things that can be done.
  • Make mistakes. I usually fix them. If not tell me.

Talk, forum and other thingsEdit

If there's an active talk page discussion that I've missed please feel free to point me towards it. I do try to keep up with everything but I do miss things.

Other wikisEdit

I occasionally stop in at:

Various subpages and other workEdit

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