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January 20, 2007

Welcome, and hello.

I'm an admin (and a bureaucrat, which means I, along with others manage things to do with user rights).

If you have any problems or questions that are vexing leave them on my talk page , if I can't help I'll try and point you in a direction which can.

I've been on this wiki for quite some time (not quite from the start though).

Of late I've had a "Tegan feeling", the same feeling she gets in Resurrection. I'm not ready to dash out into an abandoned factory. But I have been less active. I'm currently Third Doctor UNIT era, still travelling, just not as active out in the universe. I still visit and will respond if you leave a message on my talk page. I'm just not actively editing at the moment.

Things that I doEdit

In addition to a variety of edits I also:

  • Keep an eye on the Recent Changes page.
  • Work through the various sub-categories of the Maintenance category.
  • Click the Random link and just see what pages come up, editing as they load, there's often little minor things that can be done.
  • Make mistakes. I usually fix them. If not tell me.

Talk, forum and other thingsEdit

If there's an active talk page discussion that I've missed please feel free to point me towards it. I do try to keep up with everything but I do miss things.

Other wikisEdit

I occasionally stop in at:

Various subpages and other workEdit

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