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Ello! Edit

I just wanted to do that. Any way I have been watching Doctor since I think the end of season two was aired, definitely by the beginning of season three. I borrowed the sets off a friend of my parents. When I asked for season three I know it was still being aired but I think I watched season one when two was ending.

Moving on! The episode that really got me hooked good was Dalek. I know I did really like The End of the World. Honestly when I write my favorite episodes it will be at least a third of the episodes. There are few I didn't really really like.

The Doctor Edit

David Tennant was my favorite. I did go back and watch some older episodes and the movie. I have seen The Five Doctors and the BBC TV movie.

  1. David Tennant
  2. Christopher Eccleston
  3. Tom Baker
  4. Sylvester Mccoy
  • When David became the Doctor I was really excited. I mean I couldn't wait to get my hands on season 2 which I kept for a really really long time. He was just so energetic and fun. He could also be mad like seem crazy and had this fire. My dad actually called him the crazy guy. He was just so amazing and heart felt. It's hard for me to speak past tense considering he just left. He will always be my Doctor!
  • Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor I think I started out with. I'm not sure if I watched our Tom Baker tape first or not. I think I did but it was just an episode. The Pyramids of Mars. I eventually got used to the 9th Doctor. I liked him. He was really good. I sure loved Rose as a companion. They were great together, but so were her and David.
  • Tom Baker was the Doctor my parents watched when they were growing up. So my opinion might be swayed. I really like the scarf and everything. K9 was amazing. Honestly I think this is where the show picked up for most people. We have two of his episodes on tape. I think it's The Pyramids of Mars, and City of Death.
  • Sylvester Mccoy. I have seen quite a few of his episodes and just like the way they felt. Ace was awesome.

Villains Edit

  1. Daleks
  2. The Master
  3. The Weeping Angels
  4. The Family of Blood
  • Daleks are the classic villains. They are awesome indeed. I think they are really cool and unique. But I am not one of those people who want them to appear for the heck of it. They are supposed to whipped out. I don't really think they should appear in large numbers any more, unless it's a really good and well thought out plot point.
  • The Master is just awesome. I really like his new portrayal, though I miss the beard sometimes. LOL. He is just so utterly insane and has so much fun. At the same time I have always thought him and The Doctor would never really just want to destroy each other. They complete each other. In the newer episodes its more obvious. Honestly if they would travel together it would be cool, but it would never ever work out right.
  • Blink is my favorite episode. I just think they were really scary and cool because they are just stone when you see them.
  • The Family of Blood. The son just was so fun because he was so crazy. His eyes were cocked and had this great line that always makes me laugh. I think it was "Grind them to dust, fuse them into glass, and smash them all over again!"

Companions Edit

  1. Rose Tyler
  2. Captain Jack Harkness
  3. Donna Nobel
  4. Mickey Smith
  5. Martha Jones
  • At first I thought Rose was a little too helpless, but as the show grew so did she. After she left all the other people annoyed me when they first joined because they didn't know anything. Rose was the best for the Doctor. I also liked her whole family. It really made the first two seasons sweet and gave them a different flavor than the later episodes. These were my favorite days. With the Tylers.
  • Oh Jacky boy ! The endless flirting was great ! He just made the show so fun. Every time he comes back it's a real joy. I like him better in DW than Torchwood just because he has less responsibilities and can be more Jack like really.
  • Donna was really a good change because she was older and not endlessly in love with The Doctor. Donna reminds me of myself in a good way. I am not as oblivious or difficult but still I related to her and Rose.
  • Mickey was so sweet. I felt bad when Rose first left him. I was so glad when he came back in and grew up. Him with the stubble and big gun. It suites him I think. It is so cute him and Martha got together. I always thought they would be perfect for each other!
  • I don't dislike Martha so I put her here. I just like funny characters or ones with emotional conflicts and attitudes. She was sweet and good for the Doctor.

Favorite Episodes Edit

These are in chronological order.

  1. The Empty Child
  2. The Doctor Dances
  3. The Christmas Invasion
  4. Tooth and Claw
  5. The Girl in the Fireplace
  6. Love & Monsters
  7. Fear Her
  8. Doomsday
  9. Human Nature
  10.  The Family of Blood
  11.  Blink
  12. The Sound of Drums
  13. The Last of the Time Lords
  14. The Fires of Pompeii
  15. Midnight
  16. Turn Left
  17. The Stolen Earth
  18. Journey's End
  19. The End of Time
  • The Empty child was both creepy and added Jack to the character list. I really love Jack so this is a great episode all together. I have also been partial to World War 2 stories so yeah.
  • The Doctor Dances is part two to that story arc. The gas mask people are pretty creepy in truth. This is a classic episode.
  • The Christmas Invasion. Hello David ! I so excited ! He was so full of energy and with the jokes on The Lion King and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy he won my love right away. Him and Rose were gold. I was also glad to see Mickey back.
  • Tooth and Claw had a Werewolf. Need I say more?
  • The Girl in the Fireplace is great too. Also a very unique episode. Steven Moffat is excellent. I hope he keeps up the good work with the new series. The clock robots were so cool!
  • Love & Monsters. I loved this and Blink. I think it's cool to have episodes with the Doctor but directed at "normal people" Elton was sweet and got me listening to Mr. Bluesky. LOL. I know some people think him and the slab was sick. I thought it was sweet. Unconditional love !
  • Fear Her. I love to draw. So the idea that people became the art was really cool. It also had the somethings coming idea introduced. I knew by then Rose was leaving because series three had started with Martha. It still makes me sad.
  • Doomsday. I always love the episodes that are emotional enough to make me cry. This was one of them. The show never got better than him and Rose together in my opinion. It got close but not quite. The Daleks vs The Cybermen was pretty cool too.
  • Human Nature. I loved him being human, the pocket watch, the nurse, and the scarecrows. This is one of my top favorite episodes. I loved the son in the family with the cocked eyes. So creepy and utterly insane!
  • The Family of Blood was part two. Great emotional acting and continued story.
  • Blink is my favorite episode ! True horror is making you be afraid of every day things. This episode made you feel that and it was so intense. Don't blink !
  • The Sound of Drums. I was already familulur with The Master and wanted to see how he would be modernly. He was completely crazy and fun. I loved it ! I was also happy not to have the Daleks back. I mean I don't want it to get stupid because they show up too much no matter how much I love them!
  • The Last of the Time Lords. So much time passed. I was surprised. The Doctor was actually down for a while. Jack was in these episodes which is always a plus. I feel bad for The Master really. I mean the drums driving him insane. Him and The Doctor need each other really. I remember crying when The Doctor held him. They are the only family they both have. Sigh. For years I thought his wife shot him as a plan and grabbed the ring to bring him back. That makes sense. If he was to be captured she was supposed to kill him. Honestly that would have been a cool story arc.
  • The Fires of Pompeii. Not sure why I like this one so much. I just still like world history I guess.
  • Midnight. So freaky ! It's one of the only episodes when no one knows what's going on and the creature is neither caught, corrected, or identified. The Doctor is also helpless. It shows the Time Lord's humanity. LOL
  • Turn Left. All season four I waited for Rose to come back. I really loved her character so much. Season four was the first season I watched as it was broadcasted. I had caught up ! This episode also showed Donna and The Doctor's importance to the world. This season seemed to have a three episode finale to me. I loved it!
  • The Stolen Earth. Davros was finally back. I know I saw at least a couple of his Tom Baker episodes. I remember digging online for new photos of him. What I really loved was Rose and The Doctor together again. Of course we got no teary eyed hug scene. Sigh.
  • Journey's End. I loved all the companions together finally. It was like a house party. Honestly I didn't know what was gonna happen. Good thing they kept that hand. I was so sad when he dropped Rose back off in Pete's world. I know there was a clone and all and she is probably happier that way because they can be a couple but still ! What about the real Doctor! I saw in a deleted scene that they get their own TARDIS but I am still sad. I feel better for her but not our Time Lord. It would have been okay if Donna hadn't left then too. I knew she had too but at the same time? He was all alone for a whole year. He needs someone. I was glad Mickey came back to stay. He could make guest appearances and I hoped he would join Torchwood. Man do I cry when I watch this one!
  • Speaking of crying ! This section refers to both End of Time episodes. I was happy to see The Master back. I was surprised how that worked. It was awesome how Wilfred was a main character. The whole I would be proud if you were my dad was so adorable. That woman was The Doctor's mother right? I have to check on that. I was surprised the Time Lords were featured as villains. I didn't mind though. I thought they might be back to stay for the new series. I'm glad there not just because it would seem like too much of a clean sheet for the 11th Doctor. What happened to The Master? Did he go back too?  I know he is most likely dead. I understand why he did what he did. Both The Doctor and him did so well. I was kinda awed that no one killed David. I mean I figured it was gonna be The Master but then I heard the knock and froze. I think it's funny how we all thought it meant The Master, and though he was there he wasn't knocking. It suited our Doctor to leave that way. Being selfless so matter how hard it was. I had no idea how many guest stars there were going to be. That was perfect. More than any actor could have hoped for as a send off. I knew Mickey and Martha were perfect for each other ! I wonder what happened to her old boyfriend. It doesn't matter. I liked her new hair. When he went to Jack and I saw the bar I just began to ball. It was real, he was leaving, and had to see every one through. Alonso. That made me think on Ianto and then I found out..........It was good he saw Sarah Jane and Luke. I had heard about The Book of Impossible Things but had forgotten. That was perfect. I loved that story so much ! I forgot to mention Donna. Oops. I'm just glad she could be happy. What her dad and The Doctor did for her was fantastic. Rose. It was only right he spent his last moments with her. I knew how that was gonna go. I read an article months ago. It was a perfect ending to a fantastic voyage. The regeneration: I can't believe how much stuff broke! I hope the design doesn't change much. I love it just the way it is. The TARDIS I mean. Matt Smith had a pleasant enough entrance. He admitted he had had worse. I like when they rag on their own appearances. Nope still not ginger. The girl bit was hysterical !  Sometimes those funny jokes seem un-sensitive after such emotional scenes, but that's life I guess. I do hope he will see some familiar faces. I don't mean monsters. I can't wait for the angels to come back. But I do hope he will see Martha, Mickey, or Jack from time to time. I cried for you David, but I was glad you left with grace.

Torchwood Edit

I guess that is considered part of this site too.

Owen was my favorite character. He could be such an ass but also so good. Near the end when we got to see how all the members joined I decided I really did like Owen best and I finally understood him. Then (spoiler!) he dies again in the next episode. Sure you can't stay undead for long but still. It seems stupid for him to come back then die again! I just found out about Ianto and haven't seen the episode yet because my library just got it in and it's on hold. Agh! I thought maybe if Martha and Mickey joined  the crew could pick up and move on. That seems unlikely now. Martha and Mickey being free lance and all. Then they killed off another main character ! Who knows, maybe they can continue one day, or Jack will be on DW more. Yay!

As a show I liked it well enough. I mean the orgasmic alien in like episode two or three was a bit much. The cyber woman was awesome, and I loved just about all of season 2.

DVD Edit

I own:

  1. Series 1
  2. Series 2
  3. Series 3
  4. Series 4
  5. The Next Doctor
  6. Planet of the Dead
  7. The Pyramids of Mars (Tom Baker)
  8. City of Death (Tom Baker)

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  1. Kingdom Hearts
  2. Final Fantasy
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist

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