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The Professor
Also known as: Arthur Damon, Professor Arthur Pendragon
Race: Human?
Home Planet: Earth, Sol System
Home Era: Humanian Era
Appearances: None (Yet...)
Actor: Unknown

The Professor is a known alias of Arthur Damon, a science-fiction afficianado of dubious origin. He has dabbled in everything from fanfiction (including a few Class-5 Dimension-Crossing fanfics, a felony in some dimensions), voice-acting, acting, Philosophizing without a license, and many other creative atrocities.

While still a child, he was exposed to the phenomenon known as 'Doctor Who', and some would say his brainwaves haven't quite been the same since. While his knowledge of it is not entirely complete, the release of the most recent series has sparked a more voracious and creative interest in the whole of the continuum.

To this end, he has been seen in this area, hoping to add his minuscule knowledge to the larger Whovian collective. He is prone to ramble and offer actually very non-useful information. Approach with caution.

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