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The Daleks have invaded! Trak's cat, Bon Ami, is not amused.

Sed quis custodiet ispos custodes?Juvenal [src]
Trak Nar is a Wikia user who mostly tackles grammar, spelling, and other minor edits. Poor spelling and grammar will be exterminated. Proper punctuation will be intergrated. The usage of pronouns in this introduction is optional.

About Trak NarEdit

Trak Nar listens mostly to the Big Finish audio productions of Doctor Who, and occasionally watches the television series, both the older classic serials and the revived series. A self-taught artist and costume designer, she is working on a full-size Dalek replica. Seeing as how her budget is smaller than the BBC's was in the past, Trak is forced to use cheaper, easy-to-get materials to build her costumes and props, mainly duck tape. Trak has been drawing since she was two years old. She works with various mediums, from paints, to inks, to pencils, to entirely digital, thanks to her WACOM tablet. You can view some samples of her work on her DA page.

Of the adversaries of the Doctor, Trak is most fond of the Daleks.

Trak has autism. She is high-functioning, however, and has managed to find ways to mask her disability from others to the point that she is only percieved as somewhat "off," though she only does that in public social situations. Some of the markers that will never be masked are her inability to make eye-contact, adversion to certain noises, and her tendancy to go on professorial tangents about subjects she will obsessively study. She has a strange habit of using European spellings for many words, despite being Pennsylvania Dutch, born and raised. A stickler for proper spelling and grammar, Trak got her start on Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki, where she continues to edit and contribute.


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  • Kaled mutant (Added quote, additional information, cleaner image.)
  • Transolar disc (Added quote, additional information, infobox, and image.)
  • Roboman (Added infobox and additional information.)
  • Susan Mendes (Currently expanding the article.)
  • Manipulator arm (Corrected information, addition of image for clarification.)
  • Marsh Dalek (Rewrite, added image, sources, categories.)

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