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Full stops Edit

Hey, Gus :) Thanks as always for all your work around here. Following a review of a recent edit of yours I did just want to draw your attention to T:PERIODS AND QUOTES. It's an obscure little rule, but it's one of those things that we want to try to be consistent about. Please remember that if you're quoting a sentence fragment at the end of a sentence, the punctuation typically appears outside the inverted commas, as in:

The Doctor said that he was "concerned about the past".

You only put the punctuation within the quotation marks when the quotation is a full sentence (i.e., a subject and verb), and therefore the punctuation applies to the quotation.

There's a nominal split on this notion between American and non-American usage, with some American style guides, like the APA, giving the go ahead to the changes you made in the edit I cited above. However, remember that we side with British English around here, and therefore T:PERIODS AND QUOTES stresses British style.

Again, thanks for all your edits! :)
czechout@Wikia    04:46: Wed 15 Oct 2014

"Et al." Edit

Hello, GusF! Can I ask you why you are removing every "et al." or "onwards" from the references, as in Engines of War? Not only I've (we've) always used those notes, but I find them very useful to convey when a reference is to a single story (that is, "this is the first mention to this past reference") or a series of stories ("this is just the latest one"). Is there a new guideline? Thank you :) HarveyWallbanger 21:31, October 15, 2014 (UTC)

People encountered Edit

Hello Gus. I was just wondering what your approach is to the Real world people encountered by the Doctor category. It has a number of issues, such as the syntax of the category name, and the definition of the word 'encountered' used therein.

As you can see from the talk page, it's quite a contentious topic. Just to save yourself a lot of work, you might want to wait for a conclusion to be drawn before you categorise all the necessary pages. Regards, Skittles the hog - Talk 20:28, October 21, 2014 (UTC)

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