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V45, under the influence of Taren Capel, moves to attack Chub. (TV: The Robots of Death)

V45 was a Voc sandminer robot on board Storm Mine 4. In order to instigate his "robot revolution", Taren Capel took control of robots on the sandminer. V45 was one such robot.

While searching for an instrument pack, Chub called for a robot and V45 entered and advanced upon him. Initially confused, Chub soon realised the robot's ill-intent and let out a scream before he was strangled to death.

While she was searching Kiy Uvanov's cabin, V45 killed Zilda. It did so just after she had accused Uvanov of being a murderer; an accusation which was broadcast onto the control deck. This gave rise to suspicions among the crew that Uvanov was responsible for her death. (TV: The Robots of Death)

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