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V5, under the control of Taren Capel, pursues Leela. (TV: The Robots of Death)

V5 was a Voc sandminer robot on board Storm Mine 4. It came under the control of Taren Capel as a participant in his "robot revolution". SV7 ordered V5 to kill Leela, handing it a corpse marker to place on her body. Having found her, it attempted to kill her, with Leela throwing her knife at the robot and draping material over it in a bit to hamper its attack. She fled from it.

While being pursued by V4, the Fourth Doctor placed his hat and scarf on V5, leading V4 to attack its fellow robot in a case of mistaken identity.

V5 attempted to gain access to the control deck, but Kiy Uvanov planet an anti-robot bomb he and Lish Toos had manufactured, on the door, which detonated, destroying V5. The destruction of a robot at the hands of the humans prompted Taren Capel to order that they all be killed. (TV: The Robots of Death)

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