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V6 was a Voc sandminer robot aboard Storm Mine 4. Having been reprogrammed to serve Taren Capel, the Super-Voc SV7 ordered V6 to kill Pilot Toos.

It went to her cabin and attempted to gain access and caught its hand in the doors as Toos closed them, leading it to detach the appendage. V6 explained to the pilot that its programming had been restructured, so it could now kill humans. Entering her cabin, V6 strangled Toos but, as it did so, received a communication from SV7 telling it to come to Section J. It released Toos, leaving her alive.

V6 then followed Taren Capel and assaulted the Fourth Doctor before placing him before the laserson probe on Capel's instructions. D84, crippled by a probe, managed to drag itself to a "final deactivator" created by the Doctor and used it, destroying both itself and V6, who stood nearby. (TV: The Robots of Death)