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A VCR, or video cassette recorder, was a device that could record and play VHS or Betamax video on tapes.

The Tenth Doctor used a VCR that played Betamax tapes in order to defeat the Wire. (TV: The Idiot's Lantern) Anji Kapoor once bought a VCR in Boston, but was frustrated when she figured out that PAL tapes that her family sent from England would not play on her American, and therefore NTSC, VCR. (PROSE: Escape Velocity)

Waldo Pickering had a VCR which Becky Lee Kowalczyck used to play a cassette she had found in the Hellfire Club. (AUDIO: Minuet in Hell) Peri and family used a VCR to watch Anthony Chambers's fortieth birthday tape on the day of his funeral: 28 September 1984. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

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