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VV! 1
Vworp Vworp 1
Editor: Gareth Kavanagh, Colin Brockhurst
first issue
VV! 2

The first issue of Vworp Vworp! was released, after much planning, in February 2010. It came with two different covers. One showed all eleven Doctors by different artists. This variant was limited to a thousand copies. The other cover, limited to a hundred copies, showed the Fourth Doctor and a realistic creation of the main enemy from Doctor Who and the Iron Legion. It included a set of free transfers, mirroring the first issue of Doctor Who Magazine (then Doctor Who Weekly).

Contents Edit

Articles Edit

  • Countdown to Kentish Town
  • Who Cares!
  • Collector's Corner
  • The Iron Legion
  • The Star Beast
  • A Child Called "Peggy"
  • Thirty Years of Happiness
  • Designing the Flood

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