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VV! 2
VV! 2
Editor: Gareth Kavanagh, Colin Brockhurst
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The second issue of Vworp Vworp! was released in late August 2011. It featured the return of notorious Dalek killer, Abslom Daak. The comic focused on the character along with Kroton; both were created by back-up comics writer Steve Moore. The main cover featured an picture of Daak by Mike Collins, while the variant cover was a pastiche of Doctor Who Monthly's early covers, again featuring the Fourth Doctor, this time with the Junkyard Demon. These covers were again limited to one thousand and one hundred copies respectively. The magazine also included an interview with former Doctors Tom Baker and Colin Baker on their comic strip selves. It came with a free "Vworpabix" board game, parodying the Weetabix game from the 1970s.

Contents Edit

Articles Edit

  • Long Ago in an English Summer
  • Adventures in Comics
  • The Lives and Loves of a Dalek Killer
  • Words on the War-King
  • Ssstar Tigersss
  • A Life in Doctor Who Magazines
  • Being Human

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