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Biological type: Vulpine-like humanoid
Place of origin: Valeth Skettra
Appearance: Superior Beings

The Valethske were a fox-like species of hunters native to Valeth Skettra.

The Valethske stood roughly seven feet tall and were stronger than most humans with a much keener sense of smell. Their society was ruled by a female monarch known as the Great Vale.

On their homeworld they hunt animals similar to Terran cows and pigs for food, but at some point they developed a taste for humanoid flesh and regard it as a delicacy.

The Valethske were one of the most ancient advanced peoples in Mutter's Spiral and were among the races shepherded by the Khorlthochloi, whom the Valethske thought of as Gods.

The Khorlthochloi eventually decided the Valethske were becoming too dominant and engineered a virus that killed millions of them. The stories of the Khorlthochloi were passed down from mother to cub among the surviving Valethske for hundreds of thousands of years, transforming them into wicked vengeful gods who envied the Valethske. Their religion was based around an ancestral female hero called Azreske who saved the Valethske from total destruction at the hands of the Gods.

After many thousands of years of rebuilding their society, the Valethske sent a crew of technicians and hunters on the Great Mission, a centuries-long quest to find and destroy the Khorlthochloi for their crimes against the Valethske. (PROSE: Superior Beings)

The Valethske were among the species Professor Hamilton Smith proposed theories on. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)


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