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Valla was the secretary of the Mayor of Ricosta.

After the Mayor attended Lefty Lonnigan's funeral, he gave all of the donations to Valla for her to put in his safe. She informed him that he had dozens of messages from Sperovore Investment Holdings. When S. I. Holdings phoned, she answered and passed it on to the Mayor.

When Ace left the Mayor's office after telling him about the Seventh Doctor being taken prisoner, she bumped into Valla.

When Ace was disturbing her prison guards, Valla told the Mayor via intercom that he needed to talk to Ace.

After she told the Mayor that Nathan Later was waiting to see him, she was tasked with getting a visa for the Foamasi representative.

The Mayor phoned Valla after the Bank of Ricosta was broken into. He asked for her to arrange for all of his funds to be accessible so that he could leave Ricosta before the Sperovores began eating everyone on the planet. (AUDIO: A Life of Crime)