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The Vampire Warriors were one of many vampire-like species in the universe.

Biology Edit

The Vampire Warriors looked much like the mythical vampires of Earth. They had black hair, red eyes and pale skin except for their red lips. They had two sharp fangs which they used to drain blood. Those bitten could be controlled by the Warriors. The Vampire Warriors also had super-human strength, could fly despite having no wings and could climb walls with ease.

Vampire Warriors were capable of reproducing an hour after birth. They would freeze to conserve energy, then divide into two identical vampires, down to the clothes they were wearing. They would continue to replicate until there were thousands of Vampire Warriors. (PROSE: Snowfall)

History Edit

Thousands of years before the 20th century, the Vampire Warriors were in a war that would destroy their planet. They created the Great Bairn to preserve their species. As long as one Warrior survived, the Great Bairn could be activated and the species continued. However, the Vampire Warriors were destroyed and the Great Bairn was unused on Earth.

In 2009, the Great Bairn was obtained by General Marze. He recreated 12, which would replicate into millions. This was only a ploy to attract the Eleventh Doctor, who would confront him about it, allowing him to trap the Doctor and steal the secret to regeneration. After Marze was killed, the Doctor was able to revert the Vampire Warriors to DNA and trap them in micro-boosters, which were then destroyed. (PROSE: Snowfall)

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