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Vanessa Laing-Rabdall worked at Lexington Bank and gave the Eleventh Doctor (under the disguised title of Doctor Schmidt) and Amy a tour of the building. She obviously resented their presence, but like everyone else, smiled all the time. She had a secretary, Jane Blythe , who also accompanied them on the tour.

She explained that the Doctor would probably like to attend a meeting. She was happy to see the Doctor impressed by Lexington Bank's members, who seem to have more time on their hands than anyone else. The Doctor became suspicious.

He began to thoroughly interrogate her, practically asking the same question. She denied everything, keeping the same face.

After the bank was raided by Blenkinsops and Symingtons, she was revealed to be innocent, when her secretary, Jane Blythe was purely to blame for the happenings, but she still claimed that her hard work had done something, whereas Jane had done everything. (PROSE: Borrowed Time)

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