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You may be looking for the Viking tribe.

The Vanir were a cadre of slaves employed by the Terminus Inc to run the space station of Terminus.

History Edit

The Vanir were controlled by Terminus Inc with the anti-viral drug Hydromel, which they depended on for protection against Lazar's disease. If the Vanir failed to cure the Lazars then Terminus Inc would cut off their hydromel supply. Their escape from the station was prevented by isolating them from the spaceship that successfully treated Lazars; until the intercession of the Fifth Doctor, they were unaware such a ship even existed.

Vanir were outfitted with a suit of armour that served as a method for administering Hydromel. A cylinder of Hydromel was inserted into the chest piece, and appeared to be gradually depleted.

At least one of the Vanir was formerly a space pirate until he was betrayed into slavery by his commander. The origin of the other Vanir is unknown.

Most of the Vanir had a pale, gaunt appearance.

Since the slavery of the Vanir was completely dependent on Hydromel, they were able to free themselves once Nyssa agreed to stay on Terminus to synthesise it for them. (TV: Terminus)

Behind the scenes Edit

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