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Vault Dalek

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Vault Dalek
Vault Dalek
Also known as: Crucible Dalek
Biological type: Dalek
Affiliated with: Daleks, Davros, Supreme One
Place of origin: Crucible, Medusa Cascade
Appearances: TV: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End

The Vault Daleks or Crucible Daleks were Daleks charged with guarding Davros in the vault of the Crucible.

Profile Edit

Each Vault Dalek was created from a single cell of Davros' body and kept within the vault to watch him by order of the Supreme Dalek.

They were fitted with a special type of manipulator arm, with a claw possessing eight pincers which could operate machinery. The Vault Daleks were destroyed when the Crucible exploded. (TV: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Vault Daleks were not named during The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, but are referred to as such on the official BBC website.
  • They have also become known as 'Crucible Daleks', primarily due to the toy manufacturer Character Options naming the variant in this manner as part of its range of Doctor Who 5 inch action figures.

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