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In order to avert a potential war between humans and cats, the Catkind left the Earth empire cities, which were then covered by empathic force fields, stopping any Cats from returning. These systems were called the Vedela Defense Systems and they controlled the force fields around the city of New New York on New Earth. A cult of Catkind once sprang up to oppose human influence and with the help of Bubastion, they destroyed the headquarters of the defense systems.

At the stroke of midnight at the start of 5,000,000,000, the force fields were shut down and gigantic robots, disguised as undead Catkind, entered to the city. Unfortunately, Bubastion had programmed them to attack everyone, intending to use New Savannah for his own purposes. When Garrard Townsend, a member of the cult, learned they were being used, he turned the force fields back on and deactivated the robots. (COMIC: Agent Provocateur)

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