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Hunt Marshal Veek was a Valethske.

Veek was part of a centuries-long expedition to find and destroy the Khorlthochloi. She became homesick and was disenchanted with the mission, although none of the others felt this way, including her husband Flayoun. She made an uneasy alliance with the Fifth Doctor, nevertheless she remained unwilling to question her culture and defended Valethske practices such as trial by combat and hunting sentient species.

She saved the Doctor's life twice, from Technician Ruvis and later from Vale Commander Kikker, though the Doctor felt she had gone too far in killing Ruvis.

She also killed her husband Flayoun in a duel to the death after he was promoted to Hunt Marshal in her absence.

Despite the Doctor's misgivings about her, they were eventually able to reach an amicable relationship and he expressed hope for the future of the Valethske if there were more of them like Veek. (PROSE: Superior Beings)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Veek is an Afrikaans word meaning "swash mark", which is very fitting considering she was the only one of the hunters to survive the story.