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Vegan (K9 and the Beasts of Vega)

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Biological type: Sentient energy
Place of origin: The space surrounding Vega 3
Appearance: K9 and the Beasts of Vega
You may be looking for the the humanoid species of the same name

Vegans were beings of sentient energy who inhabited the space around the planet Vega 3. When the humanoids who inhabited Vega 3 pressed out into space with their Spaceshifters to build a new planet, they inadvertently disturbed the Vegans' home with their construction lasers.

The Vegans responded by turning their victims' fear against them. In some cases, they completely paralysed the humans by making them all but comatose with fear. For others, they projected the image of giant beasts into the minds of the humanoids. K9, who had no emotions, resisted the Vegans' influence and discovered the truth about the species. (PROSE: K9 and the Beasts of Vega)

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