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Main aliases: Veklin
Species: Time Lord
Job: Lieutenant
Place of origin: Gallifrey
First seen in: The Innocent
Other appearances: AUDIO: The Thousand Worlds, The Heart of the Battle
Main voice actor: Beth Chalmers
Veklin was a Time Lord Lieutenant during the Last Great Time War.


Veklin served under Cardinal Ollistra during the War, and was assigned to find the War Doctor after the explosion of the Time Destructor. Later, she found him in the planet Keska. (AUDIO: The Innocent)

After the return of the Doctor in Gallifrey, she was asked by Ollistra to lead a team consisting of the Doctor, Bennus, and Arverton to rescue the Time Lord strategist Seratrix. Because the Doctor does not want to be under the team, he left them and went to the Null Zone before them. Veklin, together with the remaining members of the rescue mission, followed the Doctor to Keska. (AUDIO: The Thousand Worlds) While infiltrating the citadel, Arverton died under her watch before they reached Seratrix and the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Heart of the Battle)

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