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Captain Vengorr was a Threllip who worked with Sub-Technician Thon. Vengorr was arrogant and pompous. He believed himself vastly more important than he was. He had a total of one medal for his services to the Threllip Empire and was otherwise unremarkable.

In 1982, Vengorr and Thon were sent to Ferrara, Italy to set up a transdimensional portal so the Threllips could invade. The Eighth Doctor and Charley stopped them by pretending to be Time Lords sent to catalogue the turning point in history for the Threllip Empire. They claimed Vengorr would become the leader of the new empire and Earth was to be the first planet he would conquer. The Doctor showed Vengorr around Ferrara, which was celebrating Italy's victory in the World Cup. The Doctor claimed they were suffering a plague called "the World Cup Fever". When a drunken human came too close, Vengorr threw him away. The Doctor claimed Vengorr was infected by this and had to drink wine to cure himself. Vengorr became so drunk he could not function and had to return to his homeworld, ostensibly to cure the fever. The Doctor reprogrammed the transdimensional portal while Thon and Vengorr were drunkenly fighting, sending Vengorr and Thon to one of the moons of Mordelius Prime. (AUDIO: Living Legend)