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This topic might have a better name.

Very Angry. What purpose is the disambiguation term here?

Talk about it here.

Very Angry
Dr Who City of the Damned Very Angry
Species: Zomban
Affiliated with: Zom Emotional People's Organisation
Place of origin: Zom
Brothers: Slightly Angry, Fairly Angry
Appearance: City of the Damned
Very Angry was a member of the Zom Emotional People's Organisation. Like the other ZEPO members, his name came from the one emotion he chose to practice and keep alive for the day ZEPO would conquer the City of the Damned, Zombos. He helped rescue the Fourth Doctor from having his mind wiped by the Ultra-Harmoniser. He was one of the rebels who tried to stop the Hates' Barabara attack on Zombos. When the Brains Trust died, ZEPO became the new rulers of Zombos. (COMIC: City of the Damned)

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