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Victor Hugo was a French writer. (PROSE: Just War, COMIC: The Forgotten)

The Fourth Doctor once brought him to the Catacombs beneath Paris. The incident nearly gave Hugo a heart attack. Afterwards, he changed the entire plot of Les Misérables, which was originally going to be a comedy, at least according to the Tenth Doctor's memories of being the Fourth Doctor. (COMIC: The Forgotten) Victor Hugo wrote Les Misérables in Guernsey. The Doctor told him to change the title, but he wouldn't listen. (PROSE: Just War)

A play based on Les Misérables was popular during the 21st century. (COMIC: Sticks & Stones)

After the Fifth Doctor and Peri saw the play, the Doctor commented that Hugo would have hated it. (PROSE: Black and White)

Behind the scenes Edit

In the short story Echo, Ace references The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, saying to the figure in a mirror, "You ain't Quasimodo", meaning he doesn't "ring a bell".

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