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Vid-coms were handheld mobile communication devices originating on the planet Earth. They were used in the mid 21st century by humans, human-created robots and the Department.

The vid-com was the apparent successor of the mobile phone; like the mobile phone it had ringtones, a vibration movement when contacted and could be used to record videos. (TV: The Fall of the House of Gryffen, The Cambridge Spy, Mutant Copper)

The friends of K9 Mark 2, Starkey, Jorjie Turner and Darius Pike used vid-coms during their adventures. (TV: The Fall of the House of Gryffen, Oroborus)

Vid-coms could be used to exhange money. (TV: Oroborus)

Aside from regular vid-coms, (TV: Angel of the North) Department officers also carried a different kind of vid-com which could fire lasers. (TV: The Custodians)

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