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Vienna Salvatori

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Vienna Salvatori
Species: Human
First seen in: The Shadow Heart
Appearances: AUDIO: The Shadow Heart, The Lady from Callisto Rhys, The Phantom Wreck
Main actor: Chase Masterson
Vienna Salvatori was a human interstellar bounty hunter.

She was once tasked with capturing the Seventh Doctor and Kylo Sorsha by the Wrath Justice League. She met the Doctor a couple of times, the first time she met him was the second time he met her, and she wanted to know how he knew the future. She disabled Kylo's security monitors to allow the Wrath to find him. (AUDIO: The Shadow Heart)

Vienna was hired by Cage Zorn on Mars to find Lara Memphis. On that occasion, she encountered Bernice Summerfield. (AUDIO: The Lady from Callisto Rhys, The Phantom Wreck)

Behind the scenes Edit

A series for this character was announced before her first story had even been released.[1] However, the Big Finish team were very quick to clarify that they "do not see it as a Doctor Who spin-off. It's its own thing. It's not set in the Doctor Who world at all."[2]

In 2015, Vienna once again crossed over into the DWU in The Worlds of Big Finish, the story of which involved Bernice Summerfield, Iris Wildthyme, Abby, and Zara.

Footnotes Edit

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