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Viola was unknowingly created by Victoria Waterfield, aided by a piece of the Keeper of Traken's mind.

Victoria, lonely after leaving the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon, attended a play with Frank and Maggie Harris. As her recovery from loneliness began, Viola was "born". She left the theatre to begin her adventures.

At some point, Viola conjured up an astronomer named Neverglade who could help her travel through time and space. They visited Traken at the same time the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria were visiting. Viola got along well with Jamie, but Victoria was distant with her. Jamie was confused by Viola, because she claimed to be a Trakenite, but also seemed to be a visitor to the planet.

It was at this time that Victoria met the Keeper, though he was acting strangely. Viola's conjurings caused problems with the Traken biomatrix, and they were asked to leave the planet. Viola admitted to the Doctor that Neverglade was one of her illusions. (PROSE: The Astronomer's Apprentice)

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