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Visphok was a human colony settled by settlers of Russian descent. They had a strong sense of racial purity, with the Visphoi ideal being valued. Visphoi liked the colours black, red and purple.

Early in its history, Visphok was ruled by a succession of Czars. They used violence to maintain control. By the later 26th century, it had decayed into a military dictatorship. Food was rationed. There were curfews and numerous executions. Around 2595, there was a revolution. The Czarita Violaine was disposed with and a more peaceful government was set up. Violaine planned to return and retake the planet. Using an army raised by Brion Arvaile and the Saraani, she planned to take over Saraanis and use it as a base to take over Visphok. Her plan failed when one of the bioconstructs, using the mind of Maeve Ruthven, went on a rampage, destroying the other bioconstructs, killing most of her soldiers and finally killing her. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)

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