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Vivian Titan 10D
Species: Human
Job: Personal assistant
Affiliated with: Dorothy Bell
First seen in: The Fountains of Forever
Other appearances: COMIC: Spiral Staircase

Vivian was Dorothy Bell's loyal personal assistant.

She drove Dorothy from the auction, managing to lose their pursuers, the Tenth Doctor and Cleo. Later, in Dorothy's apartment, Vivian defended her from armed Cleo. When Cleo used an Osiran artefact, Vivian was turned into a child, but was reverted back with her memories intact after Cleo left. (COMIC: The Fountains of Forever) When Dorothy merged with a quantum harvester and flew away, the Doctor asked Vivian to stay in the apartment in case she returns. Dorothy later revealed that this saved Vivian's life: in a parallel reality where she joined the search, she tried to defend Dorothy and was killed by Erik Ulfriksson. One of the reasons Dorothy submitted herself to the Seeker was the threat to Vivian's life. (COMIC: Spiral Staircase)

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