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Here Come The Drums! - Doctor Who - The Sound of Drums - BBC03:44

Here Come The Drums! - Doctor Who - The Sound of Drums - BBC

"Voodoo Child" plays over the start of the Toclafane invasion of Earth. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

"Voodoo Child" was a rock and roll song favoured by the Master. He quoted a lyric from the song — "Here come the drums!" — and played it over the Valiant's loudspeakers as he celebrated the start of the Toclafane invasion. His wife, Lucy Saxon, danced to the track at the same time. It was likely that he identified with the song because of the drumbeats he heard in his own head. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

The song was never definitively called "Voodoo Child" on screen, although the lyric "voodoo child" was heard repeatedly. As revealed in the DVD commentary, the Rogue Traders' recording of "Voodoo Child" inspired the title of The Sound of Drums. The particular lyric the Master quoted was also the title of the album from which the song comes.

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