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Vorgenson was a travelling showman, the son of Vorg, who often toured the Mutter's Spiral galaxy.

Biography Edit

Accredited as the greatest showman in the galaxy and famed across the Fifth Galactic Sector, Vorgenson was the son of Vorg, a Lurman, who had invented a machine called the miniscope, encountered by the Third Doctor. Vorg passed down stories of the Doctor to Vorgenson, who became obsessed with the time traveller. He invented his own machine, called the Minimiser, and used it to head a travelling show. This show was dedicated to The Doctor, and featured many mind controlled versions of his greatest enemies, apart from the Daleks, dismissed by Vorgeneson as "too dangerous". Vorgenson claimed to the show's audience that no audiences that had gone before had been completely killed ("maimed, but not killed, that's the important thing" he claimed), although this was often said with a nervous manner. His ulterior motive, however, was to attract the Eleventh Doctor to the show with his monsters, and capture him in the Minimiser. This plan worked, although later Vorgenson realised the idea for the Minimiser had been planted in his head by the Daleks of the New Dalek Paradigm. The audience managed to save the Doctor, and help him to release the Cybermen from the Minimiser to destroy the Daleks. After this episode, Vorgenson was let go by the Doctor. (The Monsters Are Coming!)

Aliens in Vorgenson's show Edit

Aliens not released from Minimiser Edit