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The Vorshagg were tall, thickly built lizards with serrated teeth and dagger-like horns. Their home planet was also called Vorshagg.

History Edit

The Vorshagg evolved to be gratuitously violent, slaughtering other life-forms on sight, but without malice. The development of the de-aggrifier, which could be affixed to the left frontal lobe of the Voshagg brain, rendered them harmless, since although the violent instinct remained, they were unable to act upon it. Following the development of the de-aggrifier, Vorshagg ambassadors were able to forge relations with other worlds, and the Vorshagg were eventually inducted into the Galactic Council. During the induction ceremony, a malfunction of the de-aggrifier of the Vorshagg diplomat caused it to eat the delegate from Largolan Beta. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

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