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The Voting Booth was used by the citizens of the Starship UK to give their own views on the ship's history and situation. People over the age of sixteen were allowed to vote once every five years.

Function Edit

The booth identified the individual who entered it, then displayed records relating to that person, including birth and marital status when available. The booth showed a video to the voter, describing how Starship UK used a star whale as its propulsion system. After viewing the video voters were given a choice to forget what they had seen and go on living or to protest against the running of the ship. If they chose to forget, about twenty minutes of their memory was removed. This included all knowledge of the video. The voters could leave a video for them to view after the memory wipe. Those who protested were fed to the star whale. (TV: The Beast Below)

Limitations Edit

The booths would not allow non-humans (such as the Eleventh Doctor) to view the video. However, they could still choose the "protest" button. (TV: The Beast Below)

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