Walking Backwards for Christmas was the fifth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Something Changed. It was written by Ben Aaronovitch. Unlike the other stories in the anthology, it is told as a series of flashbacks from Benny's life before travelling with the Seventh Doctor. It is unclear whether all of these events happened in an alternate version of her past caused by the history machine, or if the machine simply caused her to relive these past events.

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Bernice Summerfield once ran away from her academy, and spent two years away without them looking for her. Bernice remembers times from her past.

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  • Benny hides some pictures and biographical data inside the case of a Vicar of Dibley DVD.
  • Benny is leader of the military section Foxtrot India Zulu.
  • Sapient rights activists argue that the inhabitants of the second planet of the Hib 34598 system deserve protection under Chapter Nine of the Basic Law. This law only protects indigineous sapiens, not off world immigrants.
  • A cult group of Pakhars moved the the second planet of the Hib 34598 system in order to escape vegetarianism.
  • Benny uses neutrino counts to determine the age of certain engravings.
  • One of the flashbacks briefly occurs during the Fifth Axis occupation of the Braxiatel Collection.

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  • Like most of the other stories in this anthology, this story takes place in an altered timeline created by Doggles' history machine; these timelines are (mostly) erased when Braxiatel returns things to normal.
  • This was one of the eight stories collected in Treasury.

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