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You may be looking for the War King.

War Queen or War King was a title held by the leader of the Great Houses during the War.

Thessalia said that the Imperator considered the title "War King" and, if he had been later, it would have been his chosen name. (PROSE: The Return of the King)

Six years before the War, an ex-renegade was declared War King on the original Homeworld. (PROSE: Timeline)

Two years before the War (PROSE: The Book of the War) on another Gallifrey, Romana was Lady President, War Queen, and Mistress of the Nine Gallifreys. (PROSE: The Shadows of Avalon)

More than fifty years into the War, Lolita consumed the War King and declared herself the new War Queen. (AUDIO: Words from Nine Divinities)

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