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Wardog was a dimension-travelling parahuman mercenary who led the Special Executive. He was witty, egocentric, and chauvinistic, though he had some form of morality.

In the early days of the Time Lords, he and the Executive were hired to retrieve the criminal Fenris. Alongside Time Lady Rema-Du, he entered the Zone of No Return and was forced to splinter himself from one end of time to the other to retrieve Fenris. Unfortunately for him, the assassin's employers - the Order of the Black Sun - attacked soon after and blew off Wardog's left arm. (COMIC: 4-D War) Wardog went on to get a robotic arm.

Ten years later, he and other Executive members escorted Rema-Du to a trade negotiation involving the Sontarans and the Order (who, in their timeline, had not yet attacked Gallifrey). When the Sontarans brainwashed Executive member Millenium into becoming an assassin, Wardog killed her to protect the Black Sun Elder. It was too late though, and the Elder died. (COMIC: Black Sun Rising)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Created by Alan Moore, Wardog and the rest of the Executive would return in Moore's Captain Britain strips in The Daredevils. This is one of several crossovers between Doctor Who and the Marvel Comics Universe.
    • In The Daredevils, Wardog would state his mother was a demon and his father a saint.

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