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Wasps were insects native to Earth known for their stings.

The Vespiforms resembled giant wasps. One Vespiform was incorrectly called one. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

An alien device caused a colony of wasps in Marpling to become overly aggressive. They attacked humans, swarming inside their mouths. (PROSE: Eater of Wasps)

In an alternate timeline, a parasitic wasp stung a battle-damaged Dalek, setting in motion a chain of events that transformed the Daleks into Insectoid monsters. (AUDIO: The Mutant Phase)

Behind the scenes Edit

According to non-narrative information in DWBIT 17, the planet Plutonia 7 was home to several giant species of insect, such as giant wasps. Their gigantic size made them a match for even the Daleks.

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