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Wayne Bland II was Iris Wildthyme's biggest fan.

When Iris and Panda were evading a Monstron time destroyer, they went to 42nd century Trull, where they met Wayne. He used an Anabusian mind transfer device disguised as a pen to switch bodies with her. When Traguam was going to destroy Trull, Panda switched with Iris in Wayne's body so Iris could return to her own body.

Wayne, now in Panda's body, sacrificed himself by switching minds with Traguam. This made him, literally, Iris' biggest fan, since Traguam's body was the size of Jupiter. Iris went back to Trull and switched Panda's and Traguam's mind. Traguam, now in Wayne's body, was kept in the planet's insane asylum. (AUDIO: The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society)