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"We Killed the Doctor Dead!" was a song sung by the Scorchie Mr Grizzfizzle, with Cool Cat and the Magic Mice doing backup. Through this song they informed Jo Grant that they killed the Third Doctor. The song was reprised when the Scorchies discovered that the Doctor wasn't dead. (AUDIO: The Scorchies)

Original lyrics Edit

We killed him dead,
Oh yes all dead.
Yes we killed that pesky Doctor dead.
So let's all shout:
"We took 'im out!".
Cause we killed that bloomin' Doctor dead.
You can't ignore,
that he's no more.
We wouldn't want to see you Jo mislead.
We'll be succinct,
the Doc's extinct.
Yes, we killed that no good Doctor dead.
Yes, the Ogrons tried it,
but the Doc denied it.
They were far too stupid to win.
Dæmons want to kill the Doctor,
destroy his helicopter.
But he was their banana skin.
Ice Lords tried to make it colder,
that just made the Doctor bolder.
And they failed where we succeed!
And now we have achieved it,
and now the Doc's received it,
It has been decried:


the big Boy Scout,
we rubbed him out.
We achieved it one hundred percent!
Oh he's deceased.
So rest in peace.
Yes, we know the vexing Doctor's spent.
His stories junked.
His time defunct.
We've riddled up the Time Lord for dessert.
It seems a shame,
That now he's slain.
It's time to wash the Doctor's frilly shirt.
So here we are,
it sounds bizarre.
So forgive us if we like a bit of cruel.
So now you see,
it's the Amie.
So is gonna save you oh now Jo?
So you enquired,
"Has he expired?"
I think we'd like to offer you brown bread.
Because you know,
He had to go.
Yes we know the Daleks wouldn't,
Oh no, the Master wouldn't,
Even the blasted Gell guard didn't.
Yes we know we killed the Doctor dead!

Reprise lyrics Edit

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