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We are the Daleks! (short story)

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We are the Daleks!
Doctor: Unspecified Doctor
Key crew
Writer: Terry Nation
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Special (1973)
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Radio Times short stories
none Birth of a Renegade
You may be looking for the audio story of the same name.

We are the Daleks! was a short story original to the 1973 Doctor Who Special.

Summary Edit

The Doctor discovers on the inhospitable and hostile terrain of Ollendorf 2 the remains of a Dalek and, in a cave, two human skeletons which have lain there for centuries. He wonders what brought the two men to this world. An account follows, told by space geologist Joel Kendon, describing the Halldon scientists' experiment. In it they transplanted primitive humans to the planet Ameron. The scientists artificially accelerated the humans evolution and in so doing created the Daleks.

Characters Edit

Space geologist for Astro Survey and Mining (Venus) Inc., from whose point of view the story is told
Owner of Astro Survey and Mining (Venus) Inc. / Navigation officer of the Chaser
  • Caesar
Pilot of the Chaser
Chief engineer of the Chaser
Communications officer
An anthropologist hiding out on Ollendorf 2, who has discovered a terrible secret

References Edit

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Story notes Edit

  • Neither the Doctor nor his companions (who remain in the TARDIS) are identified in this story.
  • This is the first Doctor Who story to be published in Radio Times. The next and currently last would be Birth of a Renegade.

Continuity Edit

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