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Webstar above Earth
Main aliases: Christmas Star
Type: Warship
Place of origin: Racnoss Empire
Appearances: TV: The Runaway Bride, TV: The Sound of Drums, TV: Turn Left
Memorable moment
Creation of the Earth - Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride - BBC03:03

Creation of the Earth - Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride - BBC

Webstars were starships of the Racnoss Empire in the Dark Times. They were made of a thin, silk-like substance strengthened by Huon energy. Each could be piloted by a single Racnoss and the ship could teleport this Racnoss to and from the surface of a planet. It was capable of firing bolts of electricity from its eight points.

Possibly the last Webstar in existence was used by the Empress of the Racnoss while she waited for Earth to develop Huon energy. It was destroyed after its Huon particles were depleted. British Army tanks fired upon it on Christmas Eve 2007 (on the order of the Master, as Defence Minister). (TV: The Runaway Bride)

In the Donna's World version of this event, the Webstar still attacked and was destroyed, but the Tenth Doctor died while drowning the Racnoss. (TV: Turn Left)

Saxon made mention of the Webstar and the death and destruction it had caused during his address to the British people concerning the Toclafane. He referred to it as the Christmas Star. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

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