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WendiWorld was a theme park designed for pre-teens. Its slogan was "A Land of Play Fun for Pre-Teens", though Melissa, at age eleven-and-a-half, thought it was more suited for pre-schoolers.

WendiWorld was based on characters named Wendi, Jessiebell and Erik. Two areas of the park were StoryLand and TravelLand. Some of the attractions included Jessiebell's Castle and the Dragon's Maze. Food served at the park included spaghetti carbonara, candy floss and Diet Coke.

WendiWorld had its own website.

Hundreds of years before Melissa's visit, an alien sprite had been abandoned on Earth in the area of WendiWorld. It used Melissa to try to break free, but the Seventh Doctor helped her control it. (PROSE: Spookasem)

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