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"Wet Puppy alien" is a title based upon conjecture.

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The "Wet Puppy" aliens were creatures of unknown origin. They were encountered by the Tenth Doctor and Rose in 1975.

Biology Edit

Their exact names and origins are unknown, but they were compared in size to puppies. They resembled centipedes, with many legs. They had large, pointed ears, and had no eyes or mouths. Their skin was a rusty colour and was normally moist. Similarly to frog-hopper nymphs, they used a spit-like substance for protection from outside dangers and as a source of moisture. They could form objects out of this substance up to the size of an average humanoid body, and could control these bodies for transportation. They seemed to have some sort of telepathy; when they were in pain, their screams could be heard inside people's heads. (PROSE: Cuckoo-Spit)

Technology Edit

By 1975, these creatures had developed small, metallic pear-drop-shaped spaceships. (PROSE: Cuckoo-Spit)

History Edit

In 1975, a spaceship full of these creatures crashed on Earth. They escaped from the crash and began to kidnap people from the area, who they proceeded to devour. They created duplicates of their bodies from a cuckoo-spit-like substance. They kept these bodies in a house in fields near the crash-site of their ship. However, the Doctor and Rose had followed them to Earth, and with the help of a local boy, Jason, they found and killed the creatures before they could cause more damage. (PROSE: Cuckoo-Spit)

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