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The Wete Mo Nan Dlo was a vodoun ritual to trap the ti bon ange (personality) in a corps cadavre (dead body) to create a zombie. The ritual could only be performed one year and one day after death.

Gilles Lemaitre was going to preside over a Wete Mo Nan Dlo in 1915 Haiti, then channel the emotional energy raised through a focused neuro-pattern enhancer to reunite Cthulhu's mind wih its body. Eugene Petion did not understand how it could work, since the death of a Great Old One the year previous should have been quite noticeable. Ace and Bernice Summerfield pointed out that time is relative. For Cthulhu, it could be a galactic year of 250,000 Earth years since the separation of mind and body, or some even greater cycle of time. (PROSE: White Darkness)

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