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What He Wants... (comic story)

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What He Wants...
What He Wants
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s): Alice, Jones
Main enemy: Talent Scout
Main setting: Mississippi, 1931
Key crew
Publisher: Titan Comics
Editor: Andrew James
Writer: Rob Williams
Designer: Rob Farmer
Artist: Simon Fraser
Colourist: Gary Caldwell
Letterer: Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Release details
Printed in: 11D 3
Release date: 1 October 2014
Traded in: After Life
Format: Comic, 1 part
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Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor
The Friendly Place Whodunnit?
What He Wants... was the third story of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor comic strip series published in 2014. It introduced the Doctor's companion, John Jones, and the recurring enemy of the Talent Scout.

Summary Edit

There's a devil out on the bayou, or so they say... Something stalking bluesmen through the swamps of Mississippi, offering them talent beyond imagining, worlds at their feet - in exchange for their souls!

When Alice asks the Doctor if they can visit one of her mother's musical heroes, she's initially disappointed. Is Jones, a forgettable singer whose talent seems to be that of disappearing in a crowded room, really the colossal talent who brought passion, creativity and meaning to her mother's life?

And what does he have to do with the nightmarish deals taking place in the dead of night...?

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

Notes Edit

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Original print details Edit

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Continuity Edit

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