When Time Froze was the final episode of Doctor Who Confidential as a BBC Three television commission. It was broadcast in conjunction with The Wedding of River Song. It was most notable for a lengthy segment called River Song: Her Story, in which Alex Kingston narrated a biography of River Song. The episode also included the debut of Death is the Only Answer, a mini-episode written by a group of schoolchildren as part of the BBC-sponsored "Script to Screen" contest.

Though the series concluded production, plans were announced to revive it in 2013, while short behind-the-scenes features were aired in conjunction with Series 7 of Doctor Who. These features would later expand into Doctor Who Extra in 2014, a series of 10 minute instalments which were made avaliable on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Red Button following the broadcast of their accompanying Series 8 episodes. The first installment of Extra, attached to Deep Breath, was also screened in cinemas following the premiere's theatrical simulcast.

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The "Cut Down" version appears on disc 6 of the Series Six DVD set.