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Where's the TARDIS?01:01

Where's the TARDIS?

The official long-form ad for Where's the Tardis?

The TARDIS Project03:23

The TARDIS Project

An example of a "TARDIS Project" submission.

Where's the TARDIS was a webpage that was set up in 2010 as part of a BBC America contest where viewers could send in a photo of their homemade versions of the TARDIS for a chance to win prizes. As part of the promotion for the contest, a couple of different commercials ran during the episode "A Christmas Carol" and during the 2010/11 New Year's marathon on BBC America. These commercials were crafted as parodies of infomercials, such as those for kitchen knife sets or record club subscriptions. As such, the on-air talent for the commercials are relentlessly perky and breathlessly excited about the offer. The ad also featured supposed "happy customers" who tell how the TARDIS changed their lives, with the customers often saying, "Thanks, TARDIS!" - again, all in the style of the mail-away order commercials.

The contest appeared to have forked, somewhat, when the site's official YouTube channel began accepting entries under the banner of "The TARDIS Project". While the original concept of "Where's the TARDIS" was about entrants submitting pictures of their unusually-situated TARDISes, "The TARDIS Project" centred on video of university students sneaking a 600-pound replica of the Smith TARDIS onto the roofs of college buildings all around America.

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